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Main office:  304 W. Chisholm Street, Alpena, MI  49707



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Meridian Restoration's well-seasoned team of professionals begin by researching the history, architectural development, rate of deterioration, and areas of potential concern of a structure.  Highly skilled craftsmen then perform any necessary repairs and preventative maintenance.  

Bill McConnell recently joined forces with the members of Meridian Contracting Services of Alpena, Michigan to form Meridian Restoration LLC. Meridian Restoration offers quality concrete and masonry restoration solutions to clients throughout Michigan . 

Mr. McConnell, formerly of Bornor Restoration Inc., has earned a reputation for his expertise and creativity in solving the most challenging concrete and masonry repair and restoration problems. Bill brings 40 years of experience in the restoration industry to this company, as well as over 200 years combined experience of his crew.


Meridian Restoration emphasizes personal service and precise attention to detail on every project. We look forward to working with you every step of the way to protect your investment. Contact us at 989-354-4825 to learn more about our concrete and masonry restoration solutions.



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